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'''Osney Abbey''' or '''Oseney Abbey''', later '''Osney Cathedral''', was a house of Augustinians|Augustinian canons at Osney in Oxfordshire. The site is south of the modern Botley Road, down Mill Street, Oxford|Mill Street by Osney Cemetery, next to the railway line just south of Oxford railway station|Oxford station. It was founded as a priory in 1129, becoming an abbey around 1154. It was dissolved in 1539 but was created a cathedral, the last abbot Robert King (bishop)|Robert King becoming the first Bishop of Oxford. The see was transferred to the new foundation of Christ Church, Oxford|Christ Church in 1545 and the building fell into ruin. It was one of the four renowned monastic houses of medieval Oxford, along with St Frideswide's Priory, Rewley Abbey|Rewley and Godstow Abbey|Godstow.
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